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Garden of the Gods


I love huge red rock! It is everywhere in southern Utah, but this beautiful rock is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Usually it is photographed from the Visitor Center, and Pikes Peak predominates. However, I wanted to accent the red rock more, so I walked closer and up a small rise to really highlight the amazing rocks rising from the earth. It was still morning, and due to the smoke from massive forest fires in Arizona and New Mexico tinting the sunlight, the red rocks were even redder than usual. This area is so stunningly beautiful and unique that I am planning a series on "The Garden of the Gods". - Ed

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Limited Edition
7 feet   17.8 inches 1           $3,300
6 feet   15.2 inches 3           $2,300
5 feet   12.7 inches 5           $1,800
4 feet   10.2 inches 47           $850
3 feet   7.6 inches Unlimited     $240
2 feet   5.1 inches Unlimited     $140

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Ed Barth
Pueblo, Colorado

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