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Artist Statement

I began my photography doing landscape panoramas, hoping to convey the natural beauty of large-scale landscapes. I want to help people see a different perspective, a broader perspective, than is possible with traditional photographic formats. Recently this urge to expose the beauty of the outer world of nature has expanded to include trying to show a certain beauty that can be present in the inner world. It is the beauty one sees in a person of integrity and honor, of their living a life well lived, a life seeing and acting on what matters. This can be seen in many ways, in many people, including the finest people and ideals of those who serve in the military.

The process of taking a single photograph has moved from being a painstaking process 100 years ago to something incredibly easy today. Sometimes, however, easy is not a good thing. My process of creating large scale panoramic photographs is a blend of modern photographic techniques and a labor-intensive, painstaking process seeking to create something striking and unique. I generally take 10 to 25 individual photographs to create one panoramic print. Deciding how and when to take the individual photographs is a combination of rigorous precision and an artistic eye so that I can blend the individual photographs into one seamless image that embodies the beauty I see. Hopefully, it then inspires the viewer to see something, both outside and inside of themselves, that they may not have experienced as clearly before or it serves as a tangible reminder of something they already hold dear.

To paraphrase the Navajo:

                     May you walk with beauty before you
                     May you walk with beauty behind you
                     May you walk with beauty beside you
                     May you walk in beauty
                     May you see the beauty within you


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