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Boston Ducklings


Many thanks to Robert McCloskey for writing the children's story, "Make Way for Ducklings". If you have not read it, get it and read it to a child and yourself! The statues stand in the Boston Public Garden and commemorate the story of the ducklings following their mother on an adventure across Boston.- Ed

Prices for unframed prints.

Limited Edition
8 feet   16.0 inches 1           $3,800
7 feet   14.0 inches 3           $2,800
6 feet   12.0 inches 5           $2,300
5 feet   10.0 inches 7           $1,800
4 feet   8.0 inches 47           $850
3 feet   6.0 inches Unlimited     $240
2 feet   4.0 inches Unlimited     $140

Fine Art
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Very Limited Editions
Ed Barth
Pueblo, Colorado

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