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St Francis Medical Center



St Francis Medical Center - Detail


Some people wonder why I place this image in "Sacred Places - Sacred Times". What could be more sacred than people coming together to help people? Especially when they are helping them through some of life’s most precious and scary times? I have deep respect for all those who work in hospitals, especially in patient care, as my wife has been a hospital chaplain and I have heard many stories of joy, bravery, and loss. - Ed

Prices for unframed prints.

Limited Edition
8 feet   17.4 inches 1           $3,800
7 feet   15.2 inches 3           $2,800
6 feet   13.0 inches 5           $2,300
5 feet   10.9 inches 7           $1,800
4 feet   8.7 inches 47           $850
3 feet   6.5 inches Unlimited     $240
2 feet   4.3 inches Unlimited     $140


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