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Golden Canyon



Golden Canyon - Detail


Golden Canyon, a side canyon in Death Valley, is amazing and other-worldly! The park gets very little rain, so many years ago the park service decided to put a road in on the dry wash visible in the lower left. The highly eroded hills in the foreground do not absorb water well, so a few years later when it rained, the wash filled up and the sheer force of it all washed the road away! Much more recently, in nearby Furnace Creek, a flash flood did the same thing to a two lane highway and forced park visitors to take a 60 mile detour (there are not many roads out here). - Ed

Prices for unframed prints.

Limited Edition
8 feet   18.0 inches 1           $3,800
7 feet   15.7 inches 3           $2,800
6 feet   13.5 inches 5           $2,300
5 feet   11.2 inches 7           $1,800
4 feet   9.0 inches 47           $850
3 feet   6.7 inches Unlimited     $240
2 feet   4.5 inches Unlimited     $140


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