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Sierra Sunrise



Sierra Sunrise - Detail


One of my favorites! My wife and I were driving Highway 395 near Bishop before sunrise, watching the sky lighten. Suddenly I said, "I have to turn around, the mountain range behind us looks incredible." This is the result. It is so beautiful, quiet, and calm where I am standing watching the colors change with sunrise. It is easy to forget that at the top of the mountain a tremendous wind is blowing a column of snow over 1500 feet into the air. - Ed

Prices for unframed prints.

Limited Edition
9 feet   18.6 inches 1           $4,300
8 feet   16.5 inches 2           $3,300
7 feet   14.4 inches 3           $2,800
6 feet   12.4 inches 5           $2,300
5 feet   10.3 inches 7           $1,800
4 feet   8.3 inches 47           $850
3 feet   6.2 inches Unlimited     $240
2 feet   4.1 inches Unlimited     $140


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